Menu Structure

menu within the KonnektVPN app. Here’s what each part represents:

  • User Profile: At the top, there is user info

  • Navigation Menu:

    • Home: takes the user to the main dashboard of the app.

    • Notification: Where users can view system alerts, announcements, campaigns.

    • Subscription: Access to subscription page.

    • KPN Miners:Access to the network devices store

    • Calculator: a tool to calculate potential ROI from the ecosystem..

    • Referrals: A section for referral program details, where users can invite others to earn rewards ,check their earnings and withdraw them.

    • Levels: refer to to staking system within the app, where you an stake KPN for 6 , 12 , 24 month

    • Settings: Configuration options for the user’s account.

    • About Us: Information about the company and the app.

    • Sign Out: for users to log out of their account.

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