the KonnektVPN app's swap feature, which allows users to convert their in-app rewards (KNKT) to the cryptocurrency token (KPN). Here's a breakdown of the elements shown:

  • Balance Display: It shows the user's current balance , which is the amount of the in-app reward tokens they have.

  • Minimum Swap Limit: "Minimum swap limit: 72000 KNKT", which means users must accumulate at least this amount of KNKT before they can swap it for KPN tokens.

  • Conversion Rate: Below the balance, there is a conversion rate displayed as "2000.0 KNKT = 1 KPN", telling the user how many KNKT tokens are needed to swap for one KPN token.

  • Input Field: an input field where users can enter the amount of KNKT they wish to swap.

  • Selection Dropdown: The "Select Wallet" dropdown allows users to choose which wallet they want to transfer their KPN tokens into after the swap.

  • Convert Button: "Convert" button at the bottom is presumably used to initiate the swap process once the user has entered the desired amount of KNKT to convert.

The page is designed for simplicity, allowing users to easily convert their earned rewards into cryptocurrency directly within the app.

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