Devices Monitor

Shows an interface from the KonnektVPN app's device management section, indicating that the user has connected a network device to their account. Here's the breakdown:

  • Device Total: Displays the number of devices registered to the user's account.

  • Device On/Off: Indicates the number of devices currently active or inactive. -Device Model: Provides details of the connected device:

    • ID: Each device has an identification number for easy management,

    • Earning Potential: Is how much the device can potentially earn .

    • Model Name: the model name of the device,

  • Refresh Button: Allows the user to refresh the device status and information.

  • Remove Device: Enables the user to remove the registered device from their account.

  • Buy Devices: This button leads to the devices store, where the user can purchase additional KonnektVPN network devices.

This page is designed to help users manage their KonnektVPN devices, providing essential information at a glance, such as device status, model details, and potential earning capacity in terms of KNKT tokens.

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